Punat is one among the most important nautical centers in Croatia, and it’s also the island’s olive-growing centre. it’s unimaginable to speak about Punat, and to not mention the tiny island of Košljun. Košljun & Punat have being connected for centuries; the lives of the Franciscan friars and therefore the people from Punat are mutually intertwined possibly because the space between them is merely 750 meters.
The island of Košljun belongs to the town of Krk consistent with the cadastral map.
The size of the tiny island, with its rich vegetation, is slightly larger than thousand meters, its surface is 68 square metres, and its highest point is found 6 metres above water level . On this relatively small surface 540 plant and mushroom species (almost half those registered in whole of Great Britain) are registered. The Franciscan Monastery is found on the island of Košljun where the friars, over the centuries, have conserved variety of values