Malinska is an area on the island of Krk which did not have a settled, castle centre. The whole area is understood as Dubašnica and is found within the western a part of the island. At an equivalent time, it’s the sole a part of the island of Krk that we all know the precise period it had been inhabited.
In fact, Dubašnica and its southern part, reaching almost to the city of Krk, was almost without permanent settlers until the 15th century. This area name comes from the name of an oak, with dense forests and pastures located here together with some cultivated land. Even before the 12th century Dubašnica was mainly a part of the area of Omišalj, although the part of it was under the rule of city of Krk.
Malinska, as the centre of Dubašnica, was once an island port for the export of wood, and a favorite tourist destination for the Viennese aristocracy. In the 15th century it was mentioned as an anchorage point where boats would find shelter during the period of strong winds, especially the strong jugo wind. Today it’s considered one among the foremost famous tourist destinations on the island, because of its beaches and hotel industry and since of its family tourism