The best way to discover the city of Cres is to take a walk through numerous small streets in the old city centre. Narrow and high small houses attached to each other and streets winding in a maze through the old city centre are a typical example of medieval architecture. Emblems on the house fronts and doorsteps speak about the former ways of life – those of fishermen, farmers, blacksmiths and others. In the past the old city centre was surrounded by walls and the only entrance was through three gates. A defense tower in the north-western part and a city gate, which could be seen if you take a walk through the town park, are the only ones which have been preserved. There is a town square in the centre of the city that has been the heart of all happenings in the city, both in the past and today.

A Municipal Loggia, located in the main square, was the place where declarations were read, agreements were made, people made business and had fun. If you happen to find yourself in the main square in the morning, you may see women and men from Cres selling their products such as fruits and vegetables, olive oil, honey and other island products.

Thanks to its offer of gastronomy, events and both cultural and historic landmarks Cres can surely be included in the top of Croatian tourism.

City of Cres