Explore with us the best destinations in Croatia

On this page you will unquestionably find top destinations to visit during your vacation.
Here not only we suggest some beautiful touristic towns but also nice lonely places in the wild.
Furthermore you can explore the best places on the Islands near us and choose which route you want to take.

Top destination: Island of Cres

Cres Island is undoubtedly the most beautiful and interesting place to visit in this area. The Island’s lonely beaches, along with its wild and unspoiled nature, are a must-see when visiting Croatia. So swimming in those magical places is the focus if you choose this route. Furthermore, the island is overflowing with small bays and coves accessible only by boat. Since there is not civilization in this parts of the Island the sea is crystal clear and has an emerald color. If you’re not much of a swimmer, however, there are small towns that you can visit or stop for coffee or lunch.

Fish picnic

Top destination: Island of Krk

Krk Island is more of a tourist destination. Even so, there are a few places that can only be reached by boat. We love stopping in those places so you can enjoy the Adriatic Sea’s crystal clear waters. Because the Island is more populated, there are more opportunities to visit small towns and learn about their historical heritage. Aside from that, there are numerous restaurants on the island of Krk that serve fresh and delicious fish.

Top destination: Cliffs of Brseč

When we talk about the Cliffs we are usually referring to a part of the coast between the towns of Moščenička Draga and Brseč. Although Brseč has an amazing beach, generally its full of people. That’s why when you are taking the boat, we obviously suggest the option of swimming under the Cliffs. Not only there is a lot of places where you can stop and jump into deep crystal clear water, but also you will find the little blue cave. Apart from this, there is a small hidden and lonely beach as well. Its accessible only by boat so that means you need to swim to get there.  Let us know if you found it!

clear waters